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Binod Singh Ajatshatru Director, The BRICS Institute
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Namrata Hasija Sr. Research Scholar and Research Coordinator, The BRICS Institute
The Institute welcomes your submissions for short commentaries and issue briefs. Our aim is to engage in critical discourse over issues pertaining to BRICS countries and other regions as well. To promote a holistic understanding and promotion of healthy relations among the countries we will promote cultural exchanges. Thus, articles on the theme of ancient religions and philosophy such as Yoga and Buddhism are welcome.

The Institute accepts short commentaries (800-1000 words) and lengthier essays (2500-3000 words) to be published as Issue Briefs. The above two publications will be reviewed. While writing for us, please bear in mind that your research submissions are expected to follow a specific format, based on the type of publication it is. Please refer to the prescribed formats given below for further details.

The BRICS Institute will provide a modest honorarium for all finalised submissions, which may be expected within a week from the date of publication on the website (for short commentaries) and three to four weeks for lengthier essays.

If there are other subjects you may be interested in working on, or have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to receiving your submissions!


They are usually between 800-1000 words on current issues, focusing on critical analysis of the topic rather than a descriptive write up. No referencing is required.
Accepted commentaries shall be published on the Institute's website.

Issue Briefs

They are usually between 2500-3000 words, giving a detailed description of topical subjects and its impacts. In-text references are followed.