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Here at BRICS Consultancy Services (also abbreviated as BCS) we provide investors critical political and economic information with an update of investment opportunities in the Five BRICS countries as well as related emerging markets in the region. We publish an annual BRICS report on the 31st March of each year which includes industry wise report of trade and investment opportunities in the BRICS countries market. Our approach is to provide a correct and precise political and economic analysis of the major developments in the BRICS countries. We invite experts from across the globe to share their opinion and views about the positive and constructive role of BRICS in the global economy. We also conduct a regular media review related with BRICS issues and provide it free of cost at our website. 
We use the methodology of conducting important interviews with the industry leaders and policy makers and also base our report on the analysis of other related reports produced by think tanks across the globe. Our experts include PhD. Holders from each BRICS member countries who are well recognized in their field of expertise and provide accurate and intelligent analysis of the local developments. We also take industry based assignments for conducting market survey in these countries by working with our partner institutions based in the individual countries. We look forward to working with you and your team for creating a knowledge wealth on BRICS economies which can be used by our policy makers and industry leaders to base their judgments and future policy decisions.