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Who we are

The BRICS Institute is a young scholars’ forum based in New Delhi, Beijing and Moscow. It promotes analytical research and exchange of ideas among young scholars of the BRICS countries. It is an emerging think-tank which speaks on the behalf of the emerging powers.

Through our research projects and other academic activities we promote objective dialogue between BRICS countries and other regions as well. We promote mutual investment on win-win basis and without any zero sum game.

BRICS Consultancy Services (BCS) is also a part of the larger idea to promote trade and investment in the BRICS countries. We provide investors critical political and economic information with an update of investment opportunities in the five BRICS countries as well as related to the emerging markets in the region. It is primarily a market research wing of the Institute and focuses on country risk analysis, lobbying with government, sector wise analysis and environmental consultancy.

To promote a holistic understanding and promotion of healthy relations among the countries we will promote cultural exchanges. We promote civilizational dialogue by organizing annual conferences and seminars on the theme of ancient religions and philosophy such as Yoga and Buddhism.

In the future the Institute also proposes to promote sports activities to improve the relations among the countries and is lobbying to start a BRICS tournament. We have proposed to organize BRICS tournament for some of the popular sports and thus, are keen on the promotion of sports between countries to promote healthier relations.